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Media276, a corporate video production company, founded by Dennis O’Clair, is the culmination of his 25+ years in the visual media industry. Originally a still photographer, Dennis has created images for advertising, corporate and editorial clients around the world. His use of natural light, unique POV’s and elements of motion combine to create images that are graphic, clean and compelling. These qualities have also made him a successful stock photo and footage contributor to Getty Images.

Always on the leading edge, Dennis anticipated the increased demand for motion content and transitioned into film and video production. His creativity, problem solving abilities and extensive production experience now benefit his wide range of corporate and business clients. Dennis is detail oriented, has an organized systematic approach and an energetic attitude that is perfect for creating high quality video in a budget conscious environment.

Located in the MidHudson Valley, Media276 employs a regional team of experienced industry professionals. Our unique approach to project development and management ensures that you get high level talent crafting your company project at very competitive rates.

We partner with corporations, successful small business and progressive non profit organizations in the Hudson Valley and surrounding tri state area.



Video delivers visual, audio and textual information all at once, so your message is conveyed more efficiently and more effectively. A creative video can humanize, energize and bring your product, your service, your brand, to life. Video engages, educates and inspires. Marketing analysis clearly shows that using video increases sales, converts customers and raises brand awareness.

Video is no longer an optional component in your marketing game plan, it’s a must have element for marketing success. Not convinced? Checkout these statistics:

● People who view an engaging web video are 54% more likely to buy the product or explore the brand.

● Only 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text, but 80% will watch a video.

● Adding a video to your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a browser to a paying customer.

● Online marketers report that including a video in an email marketing campaign, increases the click-through rate by more than 200%.

● 59% of Senior Executives prefer to watch video rather than read text.

● YouTube is the second largest internet search engine (behind Google) with over 800 million unique visitors every month.

● The use of properly optimized web video greatly enhances your SEO and drastically improves your Google page ranking.

● Video now accounts for more than 50% of all mobile device traffic.

Sources: “The Digital Media Forecast 2012 – 2017,” Forrester Research
“Video Trends Map, May 2013”, TopRankBlog


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