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Frost Valley YMCA Summer Camp Video Marketing Sucess Story

The Frost Valley YMCA Marketing Team worked closely with media276 to develop the concepts and the scripts for a series of promotional videos. Each video had a specific goal and a unique script. The final videos captured the essence of the Frost Valley Experience, firmly engaged the audience, and beautifully delivered the key marketing messages, and provided results….read more

Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce Video Marketing – Think Local First

The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce partnered with media276 to develop a video that would promote the Think Local First concept that is one of the founding principles of the Chamber. Working with the Marketing Team at the DCRCOC, the goals and objectives were reviewed, the concept and script were developed….read more

MidHudson Regional Hospital’s “Everyone” video engages community.

The Hudson Valley is an exciting place to live and work. MidHudson Regional Hospital wanted to focus on the interesting people and beautiful locations that are being served by the advanced care, exceptional staff, and outstanding facilities that are now available at the new MidHudson Regional Hospital.….read more

Children’s Medical Group uses Meet the Doctor Videos to engage new patients.

The Children’s Medical Group selected Media276 to produce a series of Meet the Doctor videos for the company website. Media276 worked closely with Resolutionary Marketing Communications to ensure brand consistency and that the videos were always on message. A multi-pronged video marketing strategy that included YouTube, Facebook, and the CMG website, helped deliver outstanding ROI for this campaign.….read more

Video Marketing Success Story – Clinton Vineyards

Media276 worked closely with Public Impact Media Consultants, a full-service strategic communications firm, with offices in New York City and the Hudson Valley to develop the concept and the script for the Clinton Vineyards’ Holiday Promo Video.  The script relied heavily on sumptuous visuals and a nostalgic, vaguely familiar but secular music track.  An integrated video marketing strategy ensured that the project was a huge success, delivering both immediate results and long term SEO benefits.….read more

Temporary video production studio in Clinton Vineyards tasting room for Holiday Promo video production. Clinton Vineyards is the Jewel of the Hudson Valley.

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